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Creating great experiences doesn’t happen overnight - it requires a rigorous process of strategic immersion and creative imagination.

We have a four-step process to develop superior experiences that takes us deep into the culture and world of the company and its customers.

Customer Identification

First, we need to understand our audience. Who are they, what are they doing and what do we know about them?

Experience Mapping

Next, we must understand how to create an optimal experience in order to deliver on the client’s objectives. What works and what doesn’t?



From this we identify the ‘magic moments’ that will elevate an experience from the everyday to the extraordinary and go wild in our pursuit of bold, unexpected creative solutions.


Finally, we put it all together to craft an experience that surprises and delights our audience: something that leaves the participant exhilarated but also educated.


Industry Events

What makes PLAY unique is our approach to creating leading industry events – whether a 2,000 person conference or an intimate dinner for 20, we apply the same rigorous strategic thinking.
Our production capabilities and creative inspiration ensure we make every interaction between our clients and their audience engaging, effective and meaningful.

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Employee Events

Employee engagement is a key priority for many organisations
and the traditional conference format hasn’t cut it in delivering the required impact.
PLAY harnesses our creative thinking to create bespoke employee events that inspire and motivate in non-traditional formats.

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Consumer Events

PLAY has a unique approach to creating events and activations – we put the customer at the heart of everything we do to create truly engaging and effective interactions between brands and their consumers.
By deep-diving into the lives of our consumers we find the exact right time, and the right place when they are receptive to try something new and exciting.

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Press Events

PLAY loves to create events that gets people talking. We have extensive experience developing press and PR events that simultaneously excite and educate.
Whether launching new products or reimagining existing ones we develop immersive, interactive experiences that put the product center-stage and in your hand, helping translate brand messages into simple, powerful messages that can be shared to the widest possible audience.

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